Grow Value Through Earnings

We partner with entrepreneurs and families to invest in sound businesses and provide them with significant strategic, operating, and analytical assistance to accelerate the growth of the company through organic initiatives and acquisitions.

Andrew Fehlman

CEO, EDCO Health Information Solutions

“We had management presentations with over ten private equity firms and knew BV was the one after dinner together the evening before our presentation! They listened really well, and wanted to learn about our business before sharing any ideas for how they could help us. This approach to partnering with the management team has continued three years after making a majority investment in our business. We are now on a path to accomplish more together than we ever could have imagined on our own!”

Adrian King

CEO, Apps Associates

“The BV team have truly partnered with Apps Associates, and they are more than just a financial sponsor. They operate with the highest integrity providing support and guidance to management throughout the journey. As we navigated the pandemic, the genuine care for each of our employees was evident. BV have showed a willingness to make the right investments that build long term value, even beyond their investment window. ”

Joel Hughes

CEO, Right Networks

“Our relationship with BV is nearly 7 years old and has never been stronger. Their experience and ongoing support have been key contributors to our rapid growth and success. From strategic planning and M&A to debt financing and team building, BV has added value along our path. When we chose BV as our partner, we hoped we were making the right decision – looking back now, we know we did.”

Christopher Skinner

CEO, TopBloc

“We wanted a private equity partner that would add value to the future of our organization, and BV continues to demonstrate that choosing them was the right decision. Their team provides us with insightful feedback that enhances our long term growth strategy, and they have an invaluable network of resources to support our tactical initiatives. TopBloc looks forward to reaching new levels of progress and achievement with BV by our side.”

Greg Farrar


“BV was a valuable partner in working collaboratively with our senior leadership team to achieve our strategic objectives and by providing subject matter expertise and guidance when needed.”

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