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Merger of Leading Life Insurance Service Firms

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, June 1, 2015: InsuranceIQ (IIQ) and Insurance Trust Monitor (ITM), both located in Cedar Falls, Iowa today announced that they are merging with TwentyFirst.

The needs of corporate and professional life insurance trustees have increased significantly in recent years, and will continue to do so. There is a heightened focus on the regulatory and legal risks associated with overseeing life insurance trusts. To better serve this new environment, combining the resources of the three enterprises allows ITM|TwentyFirst to more efficiently and effectively provide the services required to meet the needs of policy owners and their fiduciaries.

“For over 10 years, we have provided our clients with solutions for managing life insurance trusts,” stated Leon Wessels, one of the founders of both ITM and IIQ. “To meet the increased demand for life insurance trust services and to ensure we could offer our clients the best solutions for trust and policy management, we looked for a partner to work with us in improving our client offerings through technology enhancements and insurance analytics. We are excited to have found TwentyFirst as that partner.”

The combined companies have over 200 banking and trust clients nationwide and help oversee more than 25,000 life insurance policies. Collectively the teams have analyzed over $100 billion in face amount of life insurance policies.

Kurt Gearhart, CEO of TwentyFirst added, “As we recently surveyed the needs of life insurance trustees, we realized there was no single group that they could turn to for all of the types of services needed. By combining our respective teams and experience, we are able to provide a comprehensive service package, from trust administration software, to complete outsourcing solutions, to policy reviews, including sophisticated policy optimization strategies that feature our in-house life expectancy analytics. Simply put, there is nobody like us in the marketplace.”

The new company, ITM|TwentyFirst, will have offices in Minneapolis MN, Cedar Falls IA, and New York City NY. To obtain additional information about the new company and its products and services, contact Leon Wessels at 866.384.2766 ext. 4000, [email protected] or visit

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