Information Technology

Similar to business services, the information technology and communications services industry is in a long-term secular growth trend as the information age is driving the demand for high-bandwidth network connectivity and storage.  Furthermore, information technology and communications services is an industry that has grown and evolved tremendously over the past few decades and continues to do so.

BV has closely followed the shift within the industry and has adapted its investment strategy to capitalize on demand for instant access to data and reliance on the infrastructure to deliver services to consumers and businesses around the world.  With endless amounts of data and facilitating software comes an increased complexity of systems and processes to support decision-making and ensure efficient use. Furthermore, as broadband becomes ubiquitous, either through wired or wireless networks, there is growing demand for many remote managed services, such as application hosting, remote monitoring, software as a service and infrastructure as a service.  Given the growth in data and the increasing demand for these types of services BV believes there is endless amount of growth and opportunity within the information technology sector.


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